What To See in South America?
What To See in South America?

You’ve heard all about the wonders of South America. The Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, and Rio de Janeiro are just a few places that come to mind when you think about this continent. But what about the other countries in South America? What would you find there?

Countries in South America

If you think about all the countries in South America, there are only 12 of them. But when you look at them on a map, they can feel like so many more: Brazil and Chile to the north; Ecuador and Columbia to the east; Argentina and Uruguay to the south. So often we tend to forget about Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, and others. Even though we tend to focus on these big names – Brazil, Chile – we still think that there is much more than what meets the eye. There is a lot of history besides Machu Picchu or Inca Trail (although those two places are definitely worth seeing).

A Rich Culture

South America is home to some of the richest cultures in the world. Just think about Carnival in Brazil or the Easter processions in Peru. There are also beautiful colonial towns that you can visit, like Sucre in Bolivia or Cartagena in Columbia. And don’t forget about the food! You definitely have to try some of the delicious dishes from countries like Argentina and Peru.

Other Wonders

There are also plenty of other wonders to see in South America. The Iguazu Falls, for example, are one of the most amazing sights on the continent. You can also find stunning lakes, like Titicaca in Peru or Lago Argentina. And if you’re looking for some jungle adventure, you can go explore the Amazon rainforest.

The Best Cities in South America

So what are the best cities in South America? This is a tough question because there is no one answer. It really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a big city with all the amenities, then Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo might be your best bet. If you’re looking for history and culture, then Santiago or Buenos Aires might be better suited for you. And if you’re looking for some beautiful scenery, then maybe La Paz or Cochabamba is more up your alleys.

So, what would you find in South America? There are a lot of countries with rich cultures and diverse offerings. You can visit some of its most beautiful cities or go trekking through the rainforest at your leisure. Whatever it may be that draws you here, we hope this article has helped pique your curiosity about all that South America has to offer. It’s a great starting point on an adventure across the world!

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